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The Sacred Vestments

For a long time now in western countries religion has governed the minds of a multitude of men and women without the need for armies, tribunals and physical constraints. Church ministers have been wearing the same garments for centuries, ancient liturgical robes of obscure and esoteric significance with arcane and mysterious symbols and head garments.

Seasoned politicians know that any lie or nonsense they pronounce which is vigorously defended and supported by the information systems at their disposal

Politicians must not refuse the symbols and the excesses of power, they cannot get close to the people, enjoy the same standard of living as the people. The status symbol of politicians, the air of wastage of public funds and of dubious business deals that surround them are together the very essence of their fascination. The rituals of office, state flights, privileges, engaging repartee, unjust stipends are part of the politicians sacred vestments.

Mystery must be a constant feature of the life of a politician.

Mystery generates fear and respect. It causes people to fantasise, since power is usually associated with rooms furnished with precious antiques and the velvet walls of secret corridors within inaccessible palaces. People dream of elegant politicians, sipping a Martini in the shadows whilst weaving sordid alliances whilst seated on a white baroc sofa in front of a fireplace adorned by a Thomas Birch painting of a battle between two ancient frigates.

Politicians must therefore live for the day, passively adapting themselves to the changing circumstances

All politicians defer to some higher office and are only granted a certain autonomy in decision making when the stakes are not high. Even the highest ranking politicians from the leading political parties are not autonomous, since decisions (or perhaps non-decisions) have to be taken collegiately often after lengthy and troublesome negotiations and bickering with different groups and factions within.

The Machine

Politicians must give the impression of someone who can move with ease and purpose through the labyrinthine state bureaucracy and be able to a greater or lesser degree, influence the decisions of the public administration. In this way they will be able to quickly create for themselves a network of patrons ready to supply votes and favours in exchange for favourable patronage.

The politicians' values

No one is naive enough to believe that a type of politics exists which is completely free from influence and corruption. We don’t live in a perfect world and flesh is weak; people have become used to living with white collar fraud, with “distinguished gentlemen”

Politicians must be equally casual, fickle, fluid

A politician is someone who has coalesced the opinions of a certain number of fellow citizens around ideas, plans, intentions and more generally around a certain vision of life and of society. Or more simply they are influential people who have obtained the support of people by promises of practical, immediate and direct gains. In the majority of cases they are both things.

Politics is by definition dirty

Except for very few cases, politics is not a job for purists, the chaste, the upright, the morally sound and idealists: even if they do try out their luck and participate, it doesn’t take too long for them to leave in disgust, or they are marginalised and rendered useless, to be used as puppets in a beauty parade.


Scandals are a part of politics simply because politics is shrouded in secrecy, often not entirely impenetrable. Scandals are apparently symptomatic of a healthy democracy and indicative of good moral substance in a people.


Nessun Presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America alla fine del primo mandato, per quanto stressante sia stato, saluta con la manina e sale sull’elicottero con famiglia e cane al seguito, dichiarando: «Signori, ne ho abbastanza, grazie di tutto, me ne torno al mio ranch». Perché non lo fa?

Il potere

Il potere è un vortice interiore che inebria gli animi, ottunde le menti, dà senso di onnipotenza, porta con sé denaro e sesso. I potenti hanno la scorta, soldi, privilegi, non fanno la fila negli aeroporti o negli uffici postali. Sono circondati da stuoli di adulatori, da legioni di volontari adoranti. Corrono la vita a sirene spiegate.

la gente

Il politico non si occupa del comportamento e dei bisogni del singolo individuo, bensì del comportamento medio e dei bisogni medi della gente. Solo così ha chance di attirare voti in quantità sufficiente a conferirgli l’accesso al potere, che per lui è l’unica cosa che conta. In democrazia infatti vige il principio ‘una testa un voto’, il che significa che il voto di un cretino o di un farabutto ha lo stesso peso del voto di una persona saggia, intelligente e onesta.

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