The politicians' values

In an old Eddie Murphy film "the Distinguished Gentleman", the main protagonist who is elected as a member of the US Congress manages to get himself into the much vaunted Energy and Industry Commission thereby gaining access to covert funds that the lobbyists in that sector pay to the members of the Commission to garner favours.

The scene in question depicts the corrupt and powerful Dick Dodge, Chairman of the Commission after having secured an increase in donations in exchange for authorising new and dangerous electricity transmission routes, is next seen in front of journalists in an emotional state as he received a little girl affected by a tumour caused by exposure to electromagnetic waves caused by the proximity of her school to the electricity pylons.

Of course the director wanted to accentuate the immorality of politicians and it would be ludicrous and offensive to those that conduct themselves in politics with a spirit of... _OMISSIS_ tar all politicians with the same brush, thereby making out that they all behave in a similar way.

But at the same time it is evident that many politicians make no bones about reaching questionable and ambiguous decisions.

There are countries in full recession teetering on the edge of financial oblivion where essential public services are being cut and taxes are stifling businesses but where incredibly purchases of useless fighter jets or new warships at colossal prices continue, it seems necessary to ask one's self if in these cases one can see the hand of a Dick Dodge at work.

No one is naive enough to believe that a type of politics exists which is completely free from influence and corruption. We don't live in a perfect world and flesh is weak; people have become used to living with white collar fraud, with "distinguished gentlemen".

However, we're not living in times of plenty and politicians ... _OMISSIS_ avoid that their hubris and their detachment from the people and their needs are not such as to create social tension which would be hard to control, something recently witnessed in Turkey and Brazil (countries moreover, whose strong economic performance of the last few years didn't lead one to suspect such episodes of unrest, but where, evidently regardless tensions were simmering).

Savvy politicians never cross that invisible line dictated by current circumstances and by the times.

In extreme cases when faced with the ultimate test of survival of the nation itself, and the ominous prospect of the destruction of any hope of wellbeing or of future work prospects for the nation's youth and for future generations, politicians are faced with an impasse.

Option A) they react as one body with one heart and attempt to stifle the impending catastrophe, sacrificing individual needs for the greater good of the nation, avoiding inter... _OMISSIS_ ...s each one doing their bit to come to the aid of the nation.

Option B) they stumble on resigned to their fate, trying to steal anything they can before it's too late, in order to save themselves and their descendants.

The option of choice will obviously be dictated by the moral fibre of the politicians in question.

One thing is sure that you cannot extract blood from turnips.

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