Politician: why?

A politician has no time to dedicate to other things. He doesn't observe holidays, never can he pull the plug, nor switch off his mobile.
A politician sacrifices his family, his children, affections and passions. He has no home. Has no friends. Has many enemies, often dangerous.
Politicians are frequently pestered by bums or by the really needy asking for favours and assistance.
Politicians must continuously engage in activities such as exhibitions, conventions, fetes, religious ceremonies, funerals, weddings, military parades, remembrance ceremonies, inaugurations, sports functions, party meetings managing to remain awake and always find the right words for the occasion.
Whatever they do, politicians are bound to upset someone. And those that they do manage to satisfy more often than not are ungrateful.
... _OMISSIS_ ...ticians are both envied and hated by people. If they are honest, they are faced with constant temptation, don't profit from their position but are nevertheless fingered as thieves.
In order to get elected, a politician is forced to engage in deceitful publicity, promising the world because people tend to reward those who brag the most.
He takes advantage of common naivety, he appears simple like those who he addresses, and only says things that his audience believes and wants to be told.
Politicians cannot say what they think and always do the opposite of what they say. They lie, they don't hold any beliefs, don't dream, don't love, don't hate, don't show any emotion.
Politicians are devoid of ideals and of greatness.
When on television politicians have to smile when comedians take them off. They must f... _OMISSIS_ ...sm without losing their calm, they have no love of themselves. They don't get flustered, don't perspire, do not offend or praise anyone without there being an underlying reason.
Politicians lack human qualities and character, they take advantage of the young, they trick and deceive their assistants and pull the rug from under the feet of those that apply their intellect. They are dominated but at the same time like to dominate, they don't have straight backs and keep away from those that do. They spend half the time behaving obsequiously towards those they wish to gain favour from and the other half keeping away from those that wish to gain favour from them.
A politician can't trust anyone but at the same time is aware that betrayal is part of the game and that at any given moment he could stab godfathers, allies and colleagues in the back.
The two main worries of a pol... _OMISSIS_ ...ng able to weave threads in relative darkness and to keep his dubious activities under wraps. He lives with the constant knowledge that if uncovered, the first to abandon him will be those closest to him.
Politicians are constantly walking on eggshells. They have to deal with all manner of things without knowing anything: every day he is asked to speak about issues about which he has no proper understanding. He is without vocation or role, possesses no special qualities or competences (which would have opened other doors).
Politicians have no real priorities, they don't manage to conclude anything, do not manage to resolve any problems, they improvise, find excuses, postpone, buy time. They are not interested at all in those problems which they handle with apparent attention. They are evasive, ambiguous and shuffle the deck of cards.
Politicians are tight-rope walke... _OMISSIS_ ...ariously juggling between promises, requests, and the ebb and flow of different and opposing forces. They are able to speak for hours without saying anything.
Politicians are coldly calculating. They receive and grant immoral favours, sometimes by denigrating the well-to-do to save some crook, often penalising the worthy in favour of the idle and those who come highly recommended, almost always diverting public funds to favour friends of friends, even when this means that essential services for the needy suffer. Politicians will never tell you how things are really going and they keep as much information from people as possible.
Politicians are subject to spying and have no privacy, they are subjected to negative investigation by the intelligence services, journalists, magistrates, extortionists and spies of every type, they have to always watch what they say, how they say it, where and to who they ... _OMISSIS_ ...
Politicians are attacked every day in some newspaper or on television with accusations that are sometimes true but most of the time are the result of scurrilous untruths. They are subjected to continuous smear campaigns by their opponents, such that they have to respond with similar campaigns of hatred with all means at their disposal. They are always at war.
The obvious question is. Why?
What causes someone to want to become a politician? To want to live such an infernal existence?
Yet in any democratic country of the world, at every election we see the same spectacle of thousands of candidates falling over themselves to get into politics even for the most insignificant positions such as town council seats. They run around in a mad rush with no modesty to beg for votes, they spend huge sums to plaster the city with manifestos with improbabl... _OMISSIS_ ... get into debt to pay for electoral banquets and TV commercials and fall over themselves to make impossible promises to anyone.
No President of the United States of America at the end of his first term however stressful that term may have been, is seen waving their hand whilst climbing the steps of the Presidential helicopter followed by his family and dog and saying: "Gentlemen, I have had enough, thanks for everything, I am returning to my ranch". Why don't they do so?
It could be said that this interest in politics per se is proof that what has been said above concerning politicians is all lies; and that in reality we are looking at a noble calling, socially revered, extremely gratifying, attracting vast numbers of generous persons intent on self-sacrifice willing to help others thereby raising living standards in their community and of future generations.
O... _OMISSIS_ ...is no lack of politicians that are moved by such noble intentions. It's possible to conclude that about a third of politicians enter politics in order to fulfil a calling, a third for personal gain and a third by chance. However very soon afterwards that initial idealism gives way to a single powerful imperative among those that survive and progress.

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