The Machine

Politicians must give the impression of someone who can move with ease and purpose through the labyrinthine state bureaucracy and be able to a greater or lesser degree, influence the decisions of the public administration. In this way they will be able to quickly create for themselves a network of patrons ready to supply votes and favours in exchange for favourable patronage.

Politicians must keep the state administrative machine in a constant state of disarray.

In fact the more that the bureaucratic machine is in disarray, inefficient or largely unprofessional, the greater the number of trusted acolytes - both incompetent and grateful - which politicians will be able to take on, the more they are then able to interfere and obtain undeserved advantages for their patrons, enabling them to acquire gains both for themselves and their parties in exchange for the patrons' support.

The state of disarray however must be kept within... _OMISSIS_ limits, otherwise it risks becoming a loss leader resulting in a diminishing share of the vote, except where there exists a vast network of supporters. In such cases in fact, the hegemony exercised by the politician is such as to enable them to acquire sustained and continued support and financial succour so they can manage the state of disarray and nurture it for a long time.

The bad administration of the public thing, the lamentable state of the administration of justice added to the puzzling attitude of the tax authorities in particular, function perfectly well for the services that politicians require of them. Politicians require people to remain in constant fear of being gobbled up by the infernal machinations of bureaucracy.

This situation makes politicians necessary in the eyes of the people: politicians as saviour mediators between citizens and "Moloch", as sole repository of the eternal hopes for an improvement in c... _OMISSIS_ ...ances. Improvement that will never materialise: if the bureaucracy worked as it should, the politicians situation would inevitably suffer.

And this is obviously not among a politician's priorities.

Making the railways work is not high on their list of values.

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