Politicians must therefore live for the day, passively adapting themselves to the changing circumstances

The real ability of a politician to bring about real changes to peoples living conditions, both rapidly and effectively is on the whole unlikely: every day in the world billions of people get up every morning, go to work, produce, suffer and get to the end of the day regardless of any decisions that might have been made in their favour or against, by politicians.

A complex world such as the one we live in has such momentum that it moves in accordance with influences that are unfathomable at the best of times, such that whether or not politicians actually push themselves or pretend to, they have equal chances of reaching the objectives they had set out for themselves.

And in those cases where it is possible to make a difference, its highly likely that decisions will be taken elsewhere and that the politician will only be required to pass the baton or to press a button in parliament on instructions from some group leader.

All po... _OMISSIS_ ... to some higher office and are only granted a certain autonomy in decision making when the stakes are not high. Even the highest ranking politicians from the leading political parties are not autonomous, since decisions (or perhaps non-decisions) have to be taken collegiately often after lengthy and troublesome negotiations and bickering with different groups and factions within.

Politicians must therefore live for the day, passively adapting themselves to the changing circumstances and never being seen (unless it's a mere gesture) as a protagonist or agent of change, instead letting things change on their own, or allowing that others take on the duty of fostering change, particularly where those decisions are unpopular. The more capable and artful politician manages to remain in office notwithstanding any obstructionism that they may have engaged in whilst getting the credit and witnessing the demise of those politicians who had taken it upon themselves... _OMISSIS_ ...e the changes.

In fact, the exigencies of today's relations both social and financial are of such sophistication and delicacy that the better solution for the population is that politicians avoid involvement, because of their superficiality, their vagueness, their incompetence, their inability to conclude matters and their detachment from the lives and wishes of ordinary people.

It is a lot less destructive for the people when politicians limit themselves to dealing with power struggles, acts of malfeasance and with matters involving their peers, and to meddle as little as possible with society, rather than attempting (even in good faith) to reform society.

Even in the darkest of economic times, politicians the world over always regurgitate the same theories; more taxes, precious resources taken away from those that with great sacrifice work and produce, only for it to be given away to all kinds of parasites and often gifted t... _OMISSIS_ ... seldom allowed to fail.

Of course this isn't quite correct because for many decades now, financial muscle holds the balance of the world economy (which can be considered a good or bad thing depending on your point of view) and politicians, or at least those in positions of influence, are nothing more than the external expression of such power, those whose faces are on display.

However, the latest financial crisis caused by speculative bankers seems to be beyond the reach even of world economic power.

In fact when inept politicians occupying key positions in the world had been replaced by trusted technocrats entrusted with the task of bringing about financial reform of the public purse, often the results were considered poor particularly as regards the recession and the destruction of businesses and business itself, which exposed the limitations of a purely monetary approach to socio-economic problems.

The popul... _OMISSIS_ ...pect much from its politicians. On the other hand the present hard times would require leaders to have a brilliant disposition and be forward thinking but as we have seen, politicians are the exact opposite, they are the result of a specialist selection process which favours maintaining servility, conformism and mediocrity. Moreover they surround themselves with inept and hollow "yes-men" put there by their superiors or by a friend of a friend.

When people hear talk of corrective action on public finances or of steps taken to stimulate growth, they are terrified and fear the worse, they are conscious from day one that they will witness new unbearable burdens placed on the shoulders of those that already pay in excess, cuts to essential services starting with education and healthcare and certainly no cuts to the real causes of wastage and misappropriation. When the honest and industrious hear talk of central government economic policy intervent... _OMISSIS_ ...nctively rush to church and light a candle to the Madonna.

Politicians are never really able to take sensible and effective decisions. However, as the economic crisis worsens, they can only fan the flames and aggravate the situation, the inevitable conclusion is that the country is in free-fall heading for its grave and no-one is in control of the machine any more.

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